My music is an important part of who I am. I have been playing music since I was a little kid. I’ve been writing songs since I was 16. But not until recently have I really pursued performing and recording. I am in two bands that play regularly…


The Witty Banters

Witty Banters April 2016 Promo Image

The Witty Banters are a group of musical desert rats that came together by chance one day. I was doing an open mic and asked my friend Ryan to join me. So of course he brings a cellist and a drummer… And the rest is rock history… well, maybe some day… Anyways, our music is a mixture of folk, pop, rock and sarcasm… Find us on facebook.




Doc Zog and The Codfish

Thumb Zog N Cod Show

Andrew Zogby (Doc Zog) and I (The Codfish) have been playing together for a spell… We get along well musically and we are solid buds. We like to play southern rock and some dirty folk n’ blues. Two guitars, some harmonicas and the occasional chains… Check us out on facebook.







In 2015, I took Jon Acuff’s #DoSummer2015 challenge. The idea was to work on a skill you hope to improve. Surprise! I chose songwriting… Check out what I did: